Caroline Ann Mordue is an artist living and working in Edinburgh. She grew up in the Scottish Borders, surrounded by the stunning rural landscape around the Eildons. Graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 2008 with a degree in Illustration, Caroline went on to work as a professional doll ‘faceup artist’, stemming from a passionate hobby in collecting and customizing resin ball jointed dolls.

Now, taking inspiration from her love of nature, Caroline is exploring her roots and has recently been painting a series of works based on the Scottish scenery from her home. These paintings invoke feelings of being lost, but also at peace among the vast landscapes.




Light, Land & Country at Gallery 23, Edinburgh
March 9th – April 3rd 2018

Macmillan Art Show at Bonhams, Edinburgh
August 23rd – 26th 2018

Art Friends of St Columba’s Hospice at Edinburgh Academy, Edinburgh
October 19th – 21st October 2018